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How I Fell in Love With Traditional Cooking… and My Top Three Cookbooks… So Far

dreamstime_xs_43918164My journey to a more traditional, back to the basics style of cooking began after the bit of our firstborn, who I had a few weeks early, due to preeclapmsia. Our diet was not so good during my first pregnancy, and my sodium intake was pretty horrendous. I was cooking at home, but using canned soups, which really technically aren’t from scratch, and they are horribly processed and loaded with salt, add to that some fast food and it was the perfect storm! Thankfully, our little boy was ok, and I was ok, but it was obvious something had to change! Coming home from the hospital, we had already decided before he was born to go the breastfeeding route and it just made sense that if he was being fed the healthiest and best possible nutrition, well then, we should do the same, because as he got older I wasn’t going to cook separate meals, healthy for the kids and not so healthy for us!

With a limited budget, I began cooking as many clean meals as possible, my husband enjoys some munchies, but I did my best to provide the best nutrition within what our budget would allow. We remained in this spot until we relocated to Oklahoma, when our budget began to open just slightly, and I began to learn about sourdough and the processes of wild yeast and just barely scratched the surface of wild fermentation. I grew my first starter, and I was hooked, but I wanted to know more, and my searching brought me to the following cookbooks, which I am still currently reading and absorbing, before I attempt to go any deeper. The following are my Top three cookbooks, the basic building blocks of the true nourishment our food should give to our bodies, and how to achieve the best nourishment possible.

*There are affiliate links listed below each cookbook*



1. NOURISHING TRADITIONS  by Sally Fallon (click HERE to purchase)

This cookbook is AMAZING! I have to be honest, I really do not use it as much as a cookbook… but it is an INVALUABLE resource! The amount of information contained within the first 100 pages is something that you will not regret adding to your home library. Sally Fallon gives such a thorough presentation of traditional cooking and the amazing benefits that it gives to our nutrition, as well as the lack of it in today’s modern cooking. I could not put this book down the minute  it came, and I am feeling the need to reread it as I write this!! There are other amazing books written by Sally Fallon about similar topics that I am looking forward to taking in, and I will absolutely be posting thoughts on them to come!

2. WILD FERMENTATION  by Sandor Ellix Katz (click HERE to purchase)

This is my second favorite cookbook… I must be honest, I have not completely read this one from cover to cover yet. This is not due to a lack of amazingness, only due to the fact that I got it a little later than I should have during the year, so I am planning to take it in throughout the winter, to prepare for what I would like to plant in my garden!!! I definitely recommend reading Nourishing Traditions prior to Wild Fermentation, as Nourishing Traditions lays a fantastic groundwork and provides great information, to introduce the information as a whole.

3. THE ART OF NATURAL CHEESEMAKING  by David Asher (click HERE to purchase)

This final cookbook is actually a tie for second place, but well of course there can’t be 2 #2’s… As with Wild Fermentation, Nourishing Traditions lays the absolute groundwork for this book, so if you get any, get it first! This cookbook, though, I cannot even do it justice with words! As with the above two cookbooks, the amount of information contained in this book can almost be mind-boggling at first. Truthfully, I take it in in small doses, myself! If you want to make cheese the old-fashioned way, with no chemical ingredients, you MUST have this cookbook! I have only made one type of cheese thus far, but the recipes are so very easy to follow and the experience of working with your hands and knowing the amazing benefits of raw milk cheese are unbeatable!


Well, there you have it… I apologize if my words are a little bumbling and falling all over themselves, or maybe I’ve just utterly confused you. Please comment with any questions or suggestions!





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