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My Favorite Places to Shop for Good Food at a Great Price!

A while back, my hubby and I made the decision to do our best to feed our family with a good wholesome diet, within the confines of our pretty small budget! For a while that simply meant cutting out the processed food and making mostly everything from scratch, but still using mostly non-organic ingredients, which I cannot complain, they have fed us well, but we try to keep our diets mostly clean (we do have out cheat day!)

Through the course of this last year, God has graciously allowed us the ability to take the next step in a better diet, and I am so excited to share with you my favorite places to shop for food today. For the sake of time, I will only mention in passing the general reasons behind each place, and will go more in depth later, in a separate post for each one.

1. Aldi

Life would not be the same without Aldi… Aldi has been a Godsend, I mean there are not many places you can get enough food for about 2 weeks for under $200…. that’s not organic things, but that’s food in your belly and sometimes that’s the only thing that matters! Although some things have changed, Aldi is still an essential part of our grocery shopping. I get most of our produce there, along with block cheese, eggs, and whatever chips or snack foods we may want.

2. Zaycon Foods

The essential meat product we eat the most of is chicken breast, and Zaycon has the best quality I have ever seen, for the best price, usually about $1.69/lb.

3. Walmart

Walmart must be mentioned, of course. For us it’s just a few things, frozen fruits and vegetables, coffee, flour (10 lbs of wheat Montana flour!!), bananas, and occasionally cereal are mostly what we get here.

4. Azure Standard 

We recently were able to get a chest freezer for a fantastic price (read more here), and that opened up my options for buying in bulk and saving even more! At present I have about 25 lbs of Einkorn wheat, 20 lbs of rolled oats, and 15 lbs of rice in my freezer, and that probably sounds a little EXTREME, but the savings of buying it in such large quantities is so worth it!

5. Local Dairy Farm

This is the biggest change in our diet we have had so far, with our budget we have been able to get REAL RAW MILK straight from the dairy farm, and we love it. My kids love getting to pick it up from the farm, and although it costs more than store bought milk, I am able to have cream and make my own butter, so the cost equals out.
6. Locally Raised Beef

Last is our purchase of a quarter of beef. This is something we had wanted to do for a very long time as well, but to do so you have to be able to pay it all and well, you have to do what’s best within your means, so getting to finally get grass-fed beef and having it readily in the freezer is just amazing, and if you can, I highly recommend it!

Well, that is the summary of how I grocery shop… and as I said earlier, I WILL be posting more in depth on each in the very near future.

Thank you as always for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the read!

❤ Jenn

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