God Shall Help Her… and that Right Early (Psalm 46:1-5)

Oh my soul, this is too good not to share! My Bible reading is taking me through the book of Psalms right now, and I LOVE the book of Psalms always but this is my third or fourth time through and I have been praying for the Lord to just open my eyes and allow me to see things I haven’t before,  and this was there today, and it gave me chills and brough tears to my eyes, it is SOOOOO GOOD! 

Psalm 46:1-5… we see the Psalmist talking of how God is there always, he is always PRESENT with us, so that no matter what may happen, and he lists the WORST that could happen, the entire face of the earth just literally moving, we do not have to fear, and then…. THEN he says right after all those horrible things, that there is a river, and in this case, that river, to me, is the picture of a person. So even in the midst of all that chaos that is listed, the psalmist says that there is a river (a person or persons) that will make the CITY of God GLAD, and he goes on to say that THAT city is the most holy place of the most High (God). Even then, he is not done… he goes on to say that on TOP of making the city of God glad, God is in the midst of her, and she shall not be moved! So even when the lowest day of your life may be upon you, if you are walking with God, God IS THERE, and the Psalmist finishes with the statement that God WILL help HER, and that Right EARLY.
I don’t know what season you may be going through in life, maybe you are just coming out of a rough time, maybe you’re on the mountaintop right now, or maybe you see some storm clouds coming your way. Please let me encourage you that no matter your darkest day, God IS THERE and His Word promises that He will help us, and I am here to tell you that in my own life, I have seen Him works miracles.

Don’t Give Up! God is on your side!!!

❤ Jenn

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