7 Essentials to Getting Your Little Ones Better Quickly!

Who loves being sick?? Or better, sick kiddos? I don’t think there is anything more heartbreaking for a momma than watchin her babies not feeling well and knowing that you can’t just magically make them feel better! I am here to offer tips, what has worked for us (so far), and was especially helpful for our recent bout of croup with our youngest.

First, I must say that I am not a medical professional, nor do I claim to be an expert on amy level. I am simply a momma, and I only share what knowledge I have picked up along the way with our own personal experiences.

These tips are simple and easy, but also easily overlooked, so I have written them down here, just as a help!

Healthy Lifestyle. I have found the best line of defense against any illness is of course, a strong immune system. My husband and I chose to avoid outting as many chemically manufactured items in their diet and lifestyle. That’s not to say that we are a completely “green” family, I don’t make my own laundry detergent, and they do get an occasional hot dog and french fry, but for the most part, we keep those things to minimum, as well as keeping most sugar intake to a minimum. Pop and most candy is reserved for a treat day or Grandms’s House, thus enabling their bodies to build a stronger defense, with not having the excess sugars and chemicals to struggle with as well.

Do Not Panic. This is the most important! If you, as momma freak out, your babies are going to be able to sense that and stress will hinder their getting well. So, first things first, take a deep breath and keep calm. Fevers are my stresser… I have come to a point of a love/hate relationship with fevers.  I truly don’t like them at all. In fact, if I am being completely honest, I hate them, but I also do love them, because a fever simply means that their little body is hard at work fighting off whatever nasty thing is trying to make them sick. I came across this helpful information a while ago, when our kiddos had a 24 hr fever, and it is awesome information to have, and to help keep a level head when I just want to freak out!

Snuggle. Next important is snuggling! Perhaps that sounds silly, but being a mom, we have so much on our plate, laundry, work, meals, shopping, cleaning, and when your babies don’t feel good and only want you, it causes everything else to come to a crashing halt, and all of our plans have to go on the back burner! I, myself, have my routines that I get into and its almost painful to break them because the house runs so smooth, but our top priority as wives and mothers is our family, and our house will be there, so don’t feel so guilty for just sitting all day, watching cartoons and snuggling those babies! It does them so good, you are calm, they are calm, and they will get better faster!

Humidifiers. Ok, so I have to be honest… this is my favorite weapon and yet it is the one I forget about the most! It will be day two or three of a small cough or sniffle, and then I remember the humidifier, and *poof,* like magic, it’s gone the next morning. Recently, our youngest went through a short round of croup, as I mentioned earlier, and our cool mist humidifier was a life-saver! You can get a humidifier just like it HERE.

Fresh Air. This might just seem silly and redundant, but it is oh so important! Nowadays, our houses are full of air-conditioned air when it is hot, and heated air when it is cool, and although we have a beautiful backyard, we sadly do not make it outside as often as I would like. In times of sickness, I make a point to take our children outside and sit, breathing in the fresh air, usually in the evening, as cool as we can get it.Don’t forget to keep them wrapped up, so they don’t get chilled while outside.

Steam. When it comes to breathing problems and coughs, this is a huge one! Now I have to advise caution, because to create the steam you want to have, you are going to need the hottest water you can get, so…. mommas, be careful to keep your sweet baby from physically touching the water itself. The steam helps to loosen and relax all the muscles and mucus, and get it to move, which is what we want!

Medicine. All right, so as much as I do believe our bodies can naturally handle most simple little bugs, and allowing them to do so strengthens our immunities. However, nowadays, there are lotsa yucky things out there that chemicals, environment, etc that our bodies just need a little boost to get over. When it comes to Medicine, I AM PICKY! I really love Hyland’s, but having one little one over 2, and one under, it sucks that they don’t have one medicine that covers both ages in one, but in our recent trip to the health food store, I came across THIS Homeopathic Cough & Cold Syrup. The bottle HERE does state that it is for ages 2+. However, our health food store happened to carry a variety made by the same brand hat is for 0-12, with different dosages, ans it has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend adding it to your medicine cabinet to have on hand!

In closing, I would be remiss to add that if you feel that your baby needs to see a doctor, PLEASE do not hesitate to go, do not allow myself or anyone else on the internet to make you feel guilty for going to the doctor, you are momma, and momma always know best, and all of the things I mention here can still be used to help your little one along. And no matter what, always remember, “You Got This!”

Do YOU have any tips or tricks that work for your family?? I would love to learn about them in the comments below!!

<3/ Jenn

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