Giving BIG on a SMALL budget this Christmas!


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All right, so I have a confession to make!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!! I mean, come on, WHO DOESN’T, right?? I know there are people out there, like my dear dad that aren’t really very fond of the holiday, but that just makes me want to give hime extra special things (like peanut butter cokies, his favorite!) just to make him feel loved!

Any ways, back to the part about loving Christmas… I really truly do, I love everything about it, and I really could go broke because my favorite part is buying things for people and giving gifts! Just that expression when you know you got them something they love… well, that;s the best part. The least best part is not really having the finances to go out and buy everything you want to for everybody, but I am here to tell you that just because you lack funds does not mean you cannot have a fantastic Christmas and give the people you love something special too!

  • EXTENDED FAMILY. This Christmas, I had it all planned out around October, I was going to do a basket for each family, with a jar mix, chocolate covered pretzel, a little doo dad for each kiddo… then our car broke down, and we needed a few things around the house that aren’t usually in the budget. So along comes December, and my giving spirit is HUGE but my pocketbook is not so much, so I got to thinking about what I can do that’s special for each one. When we lived back east, I had started to operate a small home bakery and became kind of known for my cookies, and as we are not there anymore, I decided I would make each family a variety box of cookies from our family. To top it off, I have rebranded my home bakery since being here in Oklahoma, and recently kicked it off, specializing in custom cookies (you can check it out HERE, if you’d like), so the plan is to make a cookie unique for each family member, to add a litle extra special thought into it. Perhaps cookies are not your thing, but there is something creative you can do, even designing a couple cards on your computer that you can put a personalized touch and give as a set just to say “I Love You, Merry Christmas!”


  • GRANDPARENTS are the next on my list, and they are HARD!! There are a million fantastic ideas out there, but some are not right for our noys’ age range to be involved, and some are also out of the price range we can afford. Last year we did handprint ornaments, but they did not ship well, so we also had to find something that will make it in one piece, and we came across these picture frames HERE. Our boys will be able to make these themselves (with a little guidance from mom) and make them that much more special. The supplies are so simple, Popsicles from the Dollar Tree or HereTHIS Washi tape, your favorite pictures, and a little string or glue! You can customize them however you want, I plan to add a few accents after they are completely put together… we are waiting for our washi tape to arrive, and then we will be putting them together, I will post pictures when they are done!


  • IMMEDIATE FAMILY. My husband and our children are of course my favorites to buy for, but sometimes there still just isn’t a ton of money to do EVERYTHING you would like to do for them, but that still doesn’t mean you cannot make Christmas magical for them! In our area, there are a variety of things to do as a family for free or low cost, as well as so many things you can do at home! Last year, my husband and I chose to do no presents, but of course I HAD to do something special for him, so I went with the Spouse Christmas Countdown from the Dating Diva’s! I created my own cards, but their’s is all set up for you, in beautiful PDF form, ready to print and go!  This year, I decided to switch it up and I am going to a 12 Days of Christmas Countdown for my husband, and do the 25 day Family Christmas Countdown for all of my boys. I again designed my own, but I LOVE what Diva’s have down with their countdowns, the graphics and setup is beautiful, and definitely would save some of the hassle of messing around with mine!


This is only the start, and even if you may not use anything listed here, if I have inspired you, I have done my job. I know at this time of year, it is so easy to get caught up in wanting to buy the biggest, shiniest things for the people we love, and although there are times I still do want to do that, I have begun to learn that it is not the size of the gift, but rather the thought and love that is put into the gift that counts, and even with no money at all, you can still have a magical Christmas for you and your family!

Do you have anything you do to make the Christmas season extra special for the ones you love? I would love to hear in the comments!!!

<3/ Jenn




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