Hello there, I’m Jenn! I am the wife of Mr.Wonderful, mother to two little boys and one furbaby, but most important of all, I am a child of the King!

My interests are wide and varied, I love the Lord, and learning about Him!  I love to cook and bake, I enjoy reading, I love diy projects, I love growing things (last year I have my first garden EVER), I enjoy learning to be self-sufficient, I find myself loving history more and more every day, then throw in a little money-saving, music, tattoos, fashion, and maybe a little extra dirt, and you’ve got me!

I believe that we women were created beautifully, and that we should “own” our womanhood and the blessings (and some annoyances) that come along with it. However, I believe that somewhere along the way these last few decades, the ball has been dropped in passing what used to be common knowledge, to the next generation, and it is my desire to discover that knowledge and reinsert it back into common knowledge, because women 200 years ago were just as busy as women are today. They had cows to milk, mouths to feed, soap to make, laudry to wash, and all by hand, whereas we now have a 9-5 job…. but the time alloted hasn’t changed, and I know that there are women out there looking for a better, healthier, more efficient and effective way to handle their every day lives and I hope to share what I learn as I go!

This blog is Silk & Purple Co, in reference to the Virtuous Woman that we find in Proverbs 31; her clothing is silk and purple. I believe that being a virtuous woman is not just a reading your Bible and going to church thing, but Proverbs speaks of how she works, takes care of her family, treats her husband, etc. It is only a few verses, but so much wealth of knowledge can be gathered from them and it is my prayer that I may convey these principles in a way that can be applied to our every day lives.

Well, I believe I have yammered on enough for today. Thank you thank you thank you for taking a minute out if your day to stop by and say hello! I hope you will stop back often to see what’s going on.

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